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Get a Full Curriculum of Teaching Resources for Elementary School Music Lessons



Grades K-2
Introduction to Music

Your K-2 students will love these easy to use, fun filled lessons for interactive whiteboard. There are loads of games and fun activities to do using whatever instruments you have available in the classroom.

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Grades 3-5
Music Jam
This program is a complete curriculum for middle elementary/primary school featuring lots of singing, playing, composition, aural training and musicianship games. Your students will love the variety in the lessons, plus the consistency of doing similar activities until completion. Includes listening work every week and a worksheet.

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Grades 6-7
Play Up!

This program is a unique collection of fun activities and games especially designed for this upper primary or elementary “tween” age group. This group of students is too old for old-fashioned untuned percussion playing or recorders or xylophones, so we need to think differently about them. Includes “beatboxing”, “Bucket Beatz” and more…..
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Grades K-6

Elementary Resources USB

This USB contains over $500 of music education materials from the Fun Music Company, including some of our most popular products. Full details are below of everything contained on this amazing USB!


Items On the USB Include:

Printable Music Theory
Music Theory Fun Sheets
Printable Music Games
Junior Musicianship
Practical Music Lessons
Primary Percussion
Boomwhacker Beatz
A complete course for music theoryFour modules of Fun Worksheets.Collection of 20 games with variationsOver 200 easy worksheets for childrenUkulele, Bucket Drumming, Keyboard and BeatboxingLots more percussion playing ideasOne of our most popular programs!
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