Want something different to engage a music class?

Are you struggling to get the resources you need for an effective music program?

Check out the video below where you will see how you can use bucket beats to inspire and motivate students

Reasons why bucket beats are so effective in music lessons:

  • Students can learn beat and rhythm skills from a foundation level
  • No expensive instruments are required!
  • Students learn rhythmic notation skills in an easy to understand manner
  • You can easily cover other aspects of music such as pitch, timbre and dynamics
  • Its great fun for students of just about any age!

What is included in this curriculum:

14 “Bucket beats” which progress through from simple through to more complex rhythms.

You can print these out and laminate them if you wish, or we have also included them as Power-point (PC) or Keynote (Mac) files, so you can project it onto the classroom whiteboard

14 Keyboard Rap Printslides showing the sheet music and keyboard range for the activity.

These all have the same format. An easy ‘riff’ featuring just a few notes, which is played four times, and then an 8 bar improvisation on a pre-defined set of notes.

14 Audio Tracks to match recorded at normal speed, and then slower for practice.Have a listen to a sample:

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