Ideas and Lesson Plans for Music Education

For the Busy Preschool Teacher: How you can have a complete program of fun and fulfilling music sessions… without lots of extra preparation time.

What you’ll experience as a result of using these materials:

  • Wonderful preschool music sessions where the children are engaged and enjoying themselves from the minute they walk into the classroom!
  • Techniques and strategies that will engage even the most unresponsive of children and quickly get them singing and dancing to the music
  • Over sixty recordings of fun, engaging songs, which the children will LOVE to sing, play and dance to over and over again!
  • Massively reduced lesson planning time: as all you need to do is quickly review the activities and learn any songs you don’t know already.

"I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I'm enjoying using your preschool program... It is my favorite lesson of the week!"

Rosemarie, USA

What you’ll experience as a result of using these materials:

Core curriculum Program, delivered on five CD's.

The preschool core program consists of 20 lessons, complete with all the songs and lesson plans you need to implement them.

Conveniently packaged as a five disc set with four audio CDs so that you don’t ever need to change discs during a class.

You can also download this immediately to start right away!

Two New Lessons Each and Every Month for 24 months!

The Platinum Preschool program contains two extra lessons, added every month, plus special occasion lessons such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

It also contains exclusive video training to help you learn the actions for the songs and ideas for implementation.

 Please note: you will be automatically charged $29.95 per month for this program, starting three months after the date of your initial purchase. At any time simply contact us if you want to leave the program and you will not be charged further.

With this webinar special offer we are including five copies of our Preschool Music Student CD, valued at $19.95 each.


This CD contains all the music highlights of the preschool program, ideally suited to giving or selling to your students.

You can sell these onto your students to recoup your investment in this program.

Additional CDs are available from a special page in the platinum preschool members area for $9.95 each. If you have 22 students purchase this CD you will recoup your entire initial investment in this program!

  • Core Preschool Program
  • Three Months of 'Platinum Preschool'
  • Five Bonus Student CD's

$199 + $20 shipping

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