Preschool Song Writing Competition A huge Success!

This message is to let you know that our Preschool Songwriting Competition is now closed, and winners will be announced very soon.

Thank you to everyone who sent in song entries. As you may or may not be aware, we believe in sourcing materials for our new products from members of our mailing list, and we like to find innovative ways of doing this.

Our Preschool Songwriting competition is one example of this, and its going to result in the most amazing product for preschool music education ever written. Normally a book or resource will have the wisdom of one author or composer, and only draw on the creative energy of one person. In cases like this, we’re able to draw on the creative energy of not just a team of writers, but hundreds of composers and teachers from all over the world.

We have done this before – we first asked for ideas for our ‘Choir Warmups’ book, which was a great success. Then we also did this again when we asked for songs for Whiteboard Music Lesson module one. Most recently we also had over 200 suggestions for Band Warmups which our editor is currently working hard at turning into a useful publication. These have all been some of our most successful products, and we are very grateful for people’s willingness to be involved.

In this one, the total number of submitted songs was over 350. This time we have been completely blown away by the quality and effort that people have gone to. A lot of people submitted recordings, some that they had done especially for us, and for this we are very grateful.

We have a huge pile of submitted songs in our office to go through!

We probably could choose hundreds of these to be winners and include them in the product, but we will have to pick ones that suit our writers needs the best and which match the themes and style we are looking for.

We’re gradually going through them all now, and we should be in touch with the winners very soon.

We have printed them all out, and we’re going through a painstaking process of playing through and listening to each one to see how well it will work for preschool children.

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  • By Ellie Hallett Reply

    Do you have a date for announcing the competition winners of the preschool song competition?


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