Curriculum Mini Workshop – Kindergarten

A fun song to engage students in their first year of school.

An award winning music lesson idea

A lesson idea contributed from one of our members about the Grammy Awards.

Compose and build notation

How students in Grade four can use their creativity in improvising and composing, while taking the first steps in music notation at the same time.

Creative activity for grade one

A composition activity for young children with a fun classroom video.

Composition Film Score Activity

This fun activity is an introduction to a longer film score project, showing students how to get started.

How to build confidence with improvisation

A composition lesson for Grade 3 which shows the building blocks of teaching improvisation.

Singing activity – a fun Spanish song

Students will love this fun Spanish song – and you’ll see how we help students learn correct pronunciations.

Resource celebrating the 44th anniversary of Hip-Hop

A fun lesson for older students which uses the excellent “Google Doodle” published in August 2017.

Keeping music listening relevant to students today

A fun way to introduce music listening for grade 3

A substitute lesson for high school students

A useful substitute lesson for high school students