Fun with Composition for Grade 2

A fun composition lesson suitable for grade 2, featuring a wonderful interactive whiteboard activity.

Moving from Singing to Playing

Learn how students can move from singing a song through to learning some simple tuned percussion parts in Grade 2.

Composition Film Score Activity

This fun activity is an introduction to a longer film score project, showing students how to get started.

Fun song with actions for Grade three students

You’ll find your hidden capabilities to sing in this fun resource for Grade three students

Percussion Rhythm Score Reading Idea

A fun little rhythm score suited for untuned percussion instruments

Middle school Practical Ideas

Ideas for using junk percussion in the middle school to engage middle school students

Fun Rhythm Groove Idea for Percussion

Get percussion going in your classroom with the minimum of resources

Fun with Rhythm in Primary or Elementary Classes

Ideas for developing rhythm in primary or elementary classes

Homework and Hotdogs Rhythm Activity

A fantastic little rhythm piece – great fun for percussion instruments