Resource celebrating the 44th anniversary of Hip-Hop

A fun lesson for older students which uses the excellent “Google Doodle” published in August 2017.

A printable game for recognition

A fun game which helps children understand and recognize notes and symbols

Fun game for learning about the Trombone

Your middle school students will love this fun game – and they’ll learn all about the trombone slide positions at the same time.

Musical Symbol Flashcards

Some useful flashcard resources for classroom and private teachers

Valentines Day Activity

A fun activity if you happen to be teaching on the special day in February

Printable Keyboard Game

A game suitable for piano teachers to help children learn their notes

Teambuilding: Rock Paper Scissors Olympics

A great activity for any class… not even just a music class!

Instrument Detective Game

A fun game developing knowledge on musical instruments

Printable Tic Tac Toe Game

A fun game developing musical knowledge

Dice Rhythm Game for the Classroom

A game suitable for any children that develops their knowledge of rhythm symbols