Curriculum Mini Workshop – Grade Three

A tutorial on teaching tuned percussion for Grade three students, including a fun arrangement to use in your classes.

Aural Training Grade Three

A lesson idea using rhythm imitation for Grade three students.

Compose and build notation

How students in Grade four can use their creativity in improvising and composing, while taking the first steps in music notation at the same time.

How to build confidence with improvisation

A composition lesson for Grade 3 which shows the building blocks of teaching improvisation.

Fun song with actions for Grade three students

You’ll find your hidden capabilities to sing in this fun resource for Grade three students

Keeping music listening relevant to students today

A fun way to introduce music listening for grade 3

A printable game for recognition

A fun game which helps children understand and recognize notes and symbols

Easter Ideas for Elementary Music Lessons

Ideas for the week before easter to engage and motivate the younger students.

Percussion Rhythm Score Reading Idea

A fun little rhythm score suited for untuned percussion instruments

Boomwhacker Fun for Special Needs Children

Ideas on how you can use boomwhackers with any children, no matter their ability levels