The secret to effective Junk Percussion classes

How to use Junk Percussion to engage and motivate students of all ages.

An award winning music lesson idea

A lesson idea contributed from one of our members about the Grammy Awards.

GarageBand Updates in 2018

Download a free lesson using the latest elements of GarageBand music software, and learn more about what has changed in the software recently.

Resource celebrating the 44th anniversary of Hip-Hop

A fun lesson for older students which uses the excellent “Google Doodle” published in August 2017.

Listening activity on Stravinsky

A fun music appreciation activity for junior high school students learning about some amazing music from Igor Stravinksy.

How to deal with assessments for middle school

A free assessment page which will be useful if you’re teaching about instruments of the orchestra

Fun worksheets for a substitute music teacher

A couple of fun worksheets which you can leave for a substitute teacher for a middle school class

Substitute lesson idea for a music teacher

A simple lesson you can leave for a substitute teacher for just about any level.

Fun game for learning about the Trombone

Your middle school students will love this fun game – and they’ll learn all about the trombone slide positions at the same time.

Garageband for iPad Tutorial extended

An extension to a previous activity for learning how to put together a song using Garageband for iPad.