The secret to effective Junk Percussion classes

How to use Junk Percussion to engage and motivate students of all ages.

Curriculum Mini Workshop – Grade Three

A tutorial on teaching tuned percussion for Grade three students, including a fun arrangement to use in your classes.

Curriculum Mini Workshop – Grade Two

An aural lesson idea for Grade two, with an explanation of how and why it is taught at this grade level.

Curriculum Mini Workshop – Grade One

A composition lesson for Grade one students, with a breakdown of how it is taught.

Curriculum Mini Workshop – Kindergarten

A fun song to engage students in their first year of school.

An award winning music lesson idea

A lesson idea contributed from one of our members about the Grammy Awards.

Fun with Composition for Grade 2

A fun composition lesson suitable for grade 2, featuring a wonderful interactive whiteboard activity.

Moving from Singing to Playing

Learn how students can move from singing a song through to learning some simple tuned percussion parts in Grade 2.

Fun Action Song for Grade 1

Learn a wonderful fun action song for Grade 1 called “Kye Kye Kule”

Bridging the Classical Music Gap

A fun listening lesson for Grade 6 featuring Richard Wagner’s famous piece.