Curriculum Mini Workshop – Kindergarten

A fun song to engage students in their first year of school.

Bridging the Classical Music Gap

A fun listening lesson for Grade 6 featuring Richard Wagner’s famous piece.

Creative activity for grade one

A composition activity for young children with a fun classroom video.

Composition Film Score Activity

This fun activity is an introduction to a longer film score project, showing students how to get started.

Fun song with actions for Grade three students

You’ll find your hidden capabilities to sing in this fun resource for Grade three students

Keeping music listening relevant to students today

A fun way to introduce music listening for grade 3

Substitute lesson idea for a music teacher

A simple lesson you can leave for a substitute teacher for just about any level.

Fun Lesson Idea for Ukulele

Simple ideas for using the Ukulele in music class

Transport Rhythm Names

A fun activity for younger children to develop rhythm

Music Teaching Idea for St Patricks Day

another date driven lesson for teaching around St Patricks day