A Whacky Christmas Song

Get your kids playing Boomwhackers with this fun Christmas song

Tongue Twister Choir Warmup

A popular warmup for choirs of all ages

iPad Band in the Music Classroom

How to get those iPads being used in a very fun and practical way

Junk Percussion for Special Needs Students

Activities you can use no matter what the ability level of your students

Simplified Cup Game

A simplifed version of the Cup Song everyone is talking about!

Boomwhacker Piece for Primary or Elementary

A fun little warmup tune that any children will enjoy

Homework and Hotdogs Rhythm Activity

A fantastic little rhythm piece – great fun for percussion instruments

Boomwhacker Warmup Tune

A fun little tune that students will enjoy with Boomwhackers

Bucket Drumming

Great ideas for drumming when you have little or no money for instruments

Ukulele In the Music Classroom

Ideas for getting the Ukulele going