Special Compilation CD-ROM

If you’ve enjoyed what we’ve offered in our free resource emails this year and would like to sample a little more, then please consider this compilation CD-ROM of some of our favorite resources, which has only EVER been available as a bonus with our Virtual Music Education Conference.



Practical Music Lessons – Ukulele

The Ukulele is a super instrument for a music class… as just about anyone can get their fingers around a few chords in just minutes!

With this product you can guide your students to learning simple chords and playing songs on the Ukulele… even if you’ve never touched one before in your life!


Music Theory Fun Sheets – Treasure Island Games

In Treasure Island Games students will use clues formed from a variety of musical challenges to find the answer to a trivia question. Students will identify Notes and Rhythms, identify the difference between slurs and ties, add barlines to rhythms and write scales. There is even an Aural Component!


Boomwhacker Beatz Songs and Games Edition

Using a projector or interactive whiteboard, the music teacher can get the class performing a song in no time at all using the fun Boomwhacker Beatz animations. There are ‘warmup songs’, based on easy to understand rhythms and pitch ideas, plus performance songs, composition activities and games.


Composing With Garageband
10 Week Course

Our Composing with Garageband course was one of the highlights of the 2016 Virtual Music Education Conference. This course consists of ten ‘flipped classroom’ style lessons, with a short video explaining what to do, and a student assignment sheet for each lesson.

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