A New Music Game For Special Needs Classes

Over these past few months, some teachers have asked me how to adapt printable music games to help suit the needs of visually and hearing impaired people. I know that every teacher out there has different needs in their classes so please feel free to use, change and adapt the ideas for your own teaching classroom or venue.

I hope this game can be of use to teachers out there and I would love to hear your feedback and success stories with it so please feel free to write a comment in the box below.

Object of The Game:

To generate the most music cash by identifying the correct instrument through touch.

Game Preparation:

Have some real instruments laid out on a table in the room. Instruments could include things that you already have in the venue or classroom or new instruments that you bring in specifically for the lesson. Ideas of instruments could include both larger and smaller instruments such as the snare drum, castanet, maraca, clarinet, trumpet, banjo, saxophone, claves, guitar, triangle etc….

You will also need some music money- you can use the dollar bills from an old monopoly set or make your own “music money” templates.

How to Play the Game:

One player at a time has a turn at feeling and or playing the instrument in question. To identify the instrument in question you could sign, say or clap the answer.To score the music money, you could either get your students to use a chart and point to the correct instrument; you could clap the syllables of the instrument individually or as a whole class or you could sign it. You could give $1 for every student with the correct answer or you could give $1 for each syllable of the instrument name ie: sax -o -phone =$3 or snare -drum =$2.