Yes, as with the other video games out there like the “Guitar Hero” series, the new craze this year is the the launch of the “Beatles:Rock Band ” video game. It has recently has hit the streets and looks like it could become game of the year leading up to Christmas. Of course the launch of this game also coincides with the launch of the Beatle’s Remastered Catalogue which is an amazing 14 CDs and I’m sure many of us will be looking into this over Christmas as well.

I can’t deny that I feel this game would be a perfect motivating tool to use as a reward or fun activity for Classroom music lessons this year -especially for all those out there who are teaching the History of Rock and Roll.

Video Games can certainly be great motivating tools for this current generation of students. They connect with the idea of video games and are very good at picking them up quickly while they are enjoying a new experience. Just think through using this game they get to experience what it would really be like to play at a gig like the Cavern where the screaming of the girls in the crowd is louder than their actual playing anyway!

Seth Schiesel from the said;
“In the game’s story line mode, players inhabit the various Beatles as they progress from the Cavern Club to Ed Sullivan’s stage; Shea Stadium; the Budokan in Japan; Abbey Road; and their final appearance on the Apple Corps roof in 1969”

Don’t worry, I’m not about to say that this should take the place of teaching a subject like the History of Rock and roll entirely. But imagine how attentive and easily your classes would get through the material presented to them if they saw a set up of a two guitar, rock drum kit and vocal microphone set up on the side for afterwards!
Imagine how effective it would be to revise the history learned by actually being involved and interacting in it. Sure I know they would only be playing on plastic buttons instead of real strings, sticks and microphones, but if it’s used once in a while does it really matter!- we can still teach a few chords on real guitars as well and I bet the student would retain more knowledge about the Beatles in that one game interaction than they would in a whole lesson of lectures.

Apparently the game is just as entertaining for the onlookers than what it is for those playing, so it wouldn’t take too long to rotate an entire class through with having a go while keeping your audience fully entertained at the same time with four playing at a time. (I think it is possible to have two extra singers playing in the new game as well.)

There’s just no denying that interactive video games are becoming great learning tools!

Here’s a video I found on you tube about the game ;

Let me know what you think. Has anyone got one already and has anyone already tried it with their classes?
I hope this has sparked a few thoughts so please let me know what you think using the comment box below.

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