Songwriting Competition Winners Announced!

I know that many people on our mailing list have been eagerly awaiting the results of our recent songwriting competition.

The competition was amazing, and in total we had over 145 entries, from all kinds of composers.

There were big songs, little songs, fast songs and slow songs! We had so many to choose from it took us a week of sitting around the piano playing songs and trying to find the best ones.

When we started the competition we thought that we would get entries from professional song writers or kids performers, but it turned out not to be the case. What was most heart-warming was the fact that by far the majority of entries came from regular music teachers, who just want to share the music that they actually use in their own classes.

We would love to use all 145 songs that were submitted, as they really were very good, however we did have to choose, so we are sorry to those who missed out.

It really was about choosing songs that most suited what we were looking for, so if you’ve missed out please don’t think that its anything to do with the quality of your composition or how good your songs are. It was simply a matter of choosing which songs we can actually use in the product we are currently creating. We had a shortlist of many more that we can’t use this time, but you never know… we may be able to use them sometime in the future. If we do of course we’ll contact you then!

We are passionate about protecting artists copyright, so we would never use a song unless an agreement is in place with its composer, so sorry its taken so long to announce the results, but we had to get agreement from all the winners that they were happy for us to use their songs.

So without further ado, we have seven winners, and they have written 13 songs that will be included in our next product:

The seven winners are:

Andrea Johnson from Saskatoon, Canada
Carol Troutman Wiggins from Belmont, USA
Carol McCurdy from Loganville, USA
Emily Flathers from Phoenix, USA
Joanna Xylas from England, UK
Nathan Cahill from Queensland, Australia
Tim Billiards from New South Wales, Australia

We loved this way of doing things. We are able to include new, current music that we know works in the classroom, because it is composed by music teachers who are actually practicing it already.

We are paying a fair price for the use of the materials, and we’re able to give the composers a little extra publicity as well, so this is a win-win all round!

So watch this space, as they say… and you’ll be able to see the results in a product very soon!! Its very exciting, and its going to be an absolute MUST HAVE if you are teaching early years primary or elementary music.


  • By Mary Toso Reply

    Congratulations to the winners!! That is fantastic! Four countries represented too!

  • By Joanna T. Xylas Reply

    Thank you so much, Janice Tuck and The Fun Music Company for making my dreams of becoming a published composer into a reality! I’m so excited and honoured to be one of the lucky seven, and I can hardly wait to see the final product!

    Musically yours,

    Joanna ??

  • By Gerald York, Jr. Reply

    I was away at youth camps and didn’t have internet to check this out. Thanks for the opportunity to send you music. Maybe in the future it will work out. God bless you in your efforts to provide fun and sound music lessons to teachers all over the world.


  • By prashant Reply


    Dint even know.. such an event happened.. Congrats to the winners..

    Keep me posted! I wish to enroll myself Next time..

    Musically inclined…


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