SpyWare – Beware!

I’m writing this post to you today because I  got caught – good and proper .I got caught by the “spyware monster” and I don’t want it to happen to you!

If you’re not aware of what spyware is,  it’s a nasty little program which launches itself into an unsuspecting computer at the click of a mouse.  If spyware actually stays on you computer it can actually view all the transactions and monitor you actions on your computer without you even knowing it!

In my case it embedded a warning alert  into my internet browser and started to pop up little messages every ten minutes or so to let me know that I have spyware in my computer and I should fix it by buying a product – a  spyware product. Which means that if I had of bought that product it would have viewed everything I do on my computer including my bank details

I have to admit, even though I am angry about it – I could have prevented it altogether by installing an anti spyware program – but I was too cheap to start off with. I thought I was always too careful and it couldn’t happen to me – I thought that I’d notice if was about to launch on my computer.

But I didn’t – and it was on a site that I would never have expected – so watch out… you don’t have to do anything but visit one of these websites and they can install stuff on your computer!

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