Do you have ideas for classroom or studio music teaching?

What about ideas for parents on aspects of music education?

At the Fun Music Company we want to build an extensive library of resources, but we can’t possibly write it all ourselves!

We need input from others, and experiences from all over the world to make this possible.

Therefore if you are a music teacher and you’d like to submit an article to us and we think it will be interesting enough for our readers to publish, then we’ll reward you with a $50 voucher to spend on any of the Fun Music Company products.

we need appropriate articles written by music educators for the following websites:

The Parents Music Guide

The Music Software Guide

You’ll get appropriate credit on the article of course, but we don’t give any other financial compensation and reserve the right to edit it as we feel is appropriate.

So if you are looking for a quick (and very cheap) way to get more resources for music teaching, especially in these tough economic times, then get writing now and send your article to us via the Fun Music Company Helpdesk.

If your article gets published you can use your voucher on any of the products below – so go ahead and get started!