Substitute Lesson ideas – A CD Listening Activity

One idea that works well for secondary music sub days is a CD listening activity. I make CDs with a mix of more modern songs that the students will know/like, jazz songs, concert band songs, choral pieces, folk songs, classic rock, country, etc. I then make a worksheet that has 1-2 questions per song that they have to answer. The questions force the musicians to think critically about the music. The answers must be in complete sentences to get full credit. The students really seem to enjoy this activity, and it keeps them occupied the entire class period. It is also enjoyable for the substitute because they just have to play the CD and go to the next track/listen to the music. Plus, it’s also educational. They are exposed to different types of music, and they evaluate it as well. It fulfills many standards related to the evaluation process of music.

Submitted by Katie Jewell

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