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This compilation CD-ROM contain FULL VERSIONS of the following products:

  • Printable Music Theory Level One
  • Practical Music Lessons: Beatboxing
  • Printable Music Lesson Plans: Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Boomwhacker Beatz (original version)



Printable Music Theory Level One

This is a complete reproducible grade one music theory book, compatible with the ABSRM and similar examination boards. It can be used for classroom or individual theory instruction
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Printable Music lesson Plans – Instruments of the Orchestra


15 lessons covering all the basic instruments of the Orchestra, and fun facts about them. Essential for any music class to cover!

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Practical Music Lessons – Beatboxing


Great fun for music classes as they learn drum beats using nothing but their voice!

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Boomwhacker Beatz – Original


Your students will enjoy playing along with the fun Boomwhacker Beatz characters on this CD-ROM. Free download update to the latest version available.

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These products are not shipped individually – they are all on ONE CD-ROM

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