T- Mobile Advertising Events Making Music Fun!

I just love these fun music events that T-Mobile put together, so I’ve put them here together in one post for you to check out.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Dancing in Liverpool Station: The T-Mobile Dance

the making of T-mobile Dance in Liverpool Station

T-Mobile Sing along in Traflgar Sqaure to the classic “Hey Jude”

T-mobile Sing along……with Pink appearing

Cut Down music lesson preparation time

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    Yeah, I agree. Social music events and activities are really fun, interesting and exciting. Thanks for the post. Those videos are so great and entertaining – very relaxing and a lot of fun. Anyway, you’ve got a very nice and interesting blog here, my friend. I always feel glad whenever I encounter people who have the same passion and love for music like what I actually have. I also admire your efforts to share your bright ideas and thoughts on music as a whole and on music education. Your post on music teaching tips and resources are really very useful and necessary. Thanks again and more power. See you around. Cheers!

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