G.F. Handel and contemporary composers – lesson planning ideas

These days Handel's keyboard music is most often performed on a piano. At the time that this music was performed however pianos had not yet been invented, so keyboard music was generally played on a harpsichord. Have the students research differences between the instruments, looking at the time when each instrument was invented, and the

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Here's how you can make learning about Baroque Music Fun!

Here are a few ideas for a music lesson all about the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. You will find many more ideas for music lesson plans in our composers series of printable worksheets. Design a Facebook profile for J.S. Bach. Include “Basic Information” (Network, Birthday, Relationship Status, Religious Views), More “personal information” like work and

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Teaching any Music History?

If you're teaching music history your lesson plan can include a few fun ideas like these: Today when you hear keyboard music by Handel played, it is usually played on a piano. However, pianos were not around in Handel's day and the music was originally written for an instrument called a harpsichord. Have the students

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A Listening Activity about Antonio Vivaldi

Here is a Listening Activity for Music Lessons about Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: Spring 1st Movement. Before listening to the 1st Movement of Spring, discuss what kind of things you associate with Spring. Brainstorm a list (e.g. flowers blooming, birds etc) and talk about what musical effects/sounds you could possibly use to represent them.

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