Classroom Lesson Plan idea “Found Sounds"

Anything can be found and used to make noise/sound, thus the term ‘found sound’. Since children love to make noise, ask them to locate an item in the classroom and experiment with the sounds that item can make. Give them a short amount of time to experiment, explaining that at the end of the specified

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Tools for a trouble free life for music teachers

Music Teachers have a stressful life. Of all teachers probably music teachers have the most work to do on a regular week by week basis. Of course, many would disagree with that statement. Maths, Chemistry and English teachers of course work very hard and no-one would say they don't work extremely hard to bring brilliant

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A music lesson all about the Horn and the Trumpet

Here are a few Lesson Plan Ideas for learning about Brass instruments in the Music class. You can have the students make simple brass instruments. You will need plastic beverage bottles (e.g. two-liter soda bottles) and sharp scissors or utility knife. Turn the bottle over and cut off the bottom so it is completely open

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