What is the Kodaly Method?

The Kodaly Method, which is also known as the Kodaly Concept, is an approach to music education, developed in Hungary during the mid 20th century. It was named after the Hungarian educator and composer Zoltan Kodaly. Though the method is named after him, it wasn't actually created by him. The Kodaly concept of music uses

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Classroom Music Games – Scribble Music

This is an activity that I use during extra time or to leave for a substitute to do with elementary students. It's an activity called "Scribble Music". The activity teaches students to listen for the differences in fast and slow music. After reviewing the differences between fast and slow, each student lays on the floor

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Substitute Music Lesson idea – Music Travelling

One of the best ideas I 've ever tried was "Music Travelling". It can work very well with preschoolers and primary school children and it promotes creative expression, self confidence, cooperation, geographical knowledge and respect of other cultures. It is also suitable for children with special needs. All you need is a CD with music

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