Classroom Music Games – Round Mania

Take a well known round: I use 'London's Burning' for younger children (KS1 in the UK) and either 'Frere Jacques' or one of the quick to learn African rounds for older children (KS2 in the UK) Make sure that the children are secure with both the words and melody, singing in unison before embarking on

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Classroom Game using a traditional folk song

This is a game using the traditional folk song "Down on the Banks", however it an be done with any short folk song with a strong beat. You have the kids get into a circle and they put their left hand out to their left side (face-up, like someone might give them five).  Then they

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The Lark Ascending Poem

Below is the text for the Lark Ascending poem. This can be used together with the listening activity from the great composers worksheets. The Lark Ascending George Meredith (1828–1909) HE rises and begins to round, He drops the silver chain of sound Of many links without a break, In chirrup, whistle, slur and shake, All

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A music lesson about Ralph Vaughan Williams

Here is a couple of ideas for a music lesson about Ralph Vaughan Williams. These ideas are taken from our printable music lesson plan product on the great composers. Instruct the students: "Imagine you are Vaughan Williams towards the end of his life and you have received a letter from a group of school students

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