The Organ, Harpsichord and Celesta – the piano’s cousins in the music class

The piano has several less known cousins which are important for us to introduce into the music classroom: the celesta, harpsichord and organ. Discuss with students the similarities and differences among keyboard instruments. The keyboard instruments are related to each other in that they are controlled by a similarly laid-out key mechanism. Technically, however, they

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Horn and Trumpet – great instruments to learn about in music class

Learning about brass instruments in the classroom will be enjoyable for the students with some of these activities. You can include them in your next music lesson plans about musical instruments. Make a rudimentary brass instrument. You will need plastic beverage bottles (e.g. two-liter soda bottles) and sharp scissors or utility knife. Turn the bottle

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Classroom Games for Music Lessons – Four Corners.

This is a game that was submitted for our substitute lessons ebook Instrument 4 Corners For this game you will need four posters which represent the strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instrument families of the orchestra. Then you play an orchestral CD and when the students hear the instrument, they decide which instrument family it 

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A lesson plan about the Double Bass and Cello

In this Music Lesson Plan, Students will learn all about the Cello and Double bass through these easy and fun games To help students learn the parts of the instruments: play Pin the Parts on the Cellor or Double Bass (a variation on the classic party game called Pin the Tail on the Donkey). Simply

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A Lesson plan all about the Clarinet

Here are a few lesson planning ideas that you can use when learning about the clarinet in the music class. Have fun making this simple single reed instrument You will need: pieces of paper and plastic combs, about 5cm x 5cm (two inches by two inches) Instructions: Hold a comb with the teeth pointed toward

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