Resource Materials for teaching about the Instruments Of The Orchestra

Here are a few ideas for teaching about the Instruments of the Orchestra. I do hope you find the ideas useful and feel free to provide some feedback using the comment box below. Instrument Four Corners Game For this game you will need four posters which represent the strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instrument families

G.F. Handel and contemporary composers – lesson planning ideas

These days Handel's keyboard music is most often performed on a piano. At the time that this music was performed however pianos had not yet been invented, so keyboard music was generally played on a harpsichord. Have the students research differences between the instruments, looking at the time when each instrument was invented, and the

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Five concepts to keep in mind when writing a lesson plan for music

An indispensable tool for music teachers is the lesson plan. They are very important to the success of both one lesson and the teachers career in general. There is an old saying that says something like “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” Once you have a bit of experience under your belt however, then

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How to write a lesson plan for music

A critical part of a music teachers week is preparing lesson plans They are critical to the success of one lesson, and the whole terms lessons, and the teachers life in general. There is nothing like the old saying “If you don’t prepare, then prepare to fail”. However, once you are a little more experienced

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Learning about the saxophone in the music classroom

Studying instruments in your music class? The saxophone is a great one to include in your music lesson plans. A popular instrument these days is the Saxophone. It has uses from Jazz to Classical and Rock music. Saxophones are often featured in “big band” music.”Big Band” music often features the saxophone. Two alto saxophones, two

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A Lesson Plan All About the Orchestra

Here are a few ideas for lesson planning a lesson all about a Symphony Orchestra You can arrange the classroom like an orchestra.  Place the names of instruments on the the students desks, or affix name stickers to individual students.  Allow students to be different instruments on different days. Discuss different types of musical groups

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