Teaching Issues with Music Theory Fun Sheets

Teaching Questions Would this product be suitable for one on one studio lessons? Of course! Some of the products are more suitable than others, for instance Musical Terms for the Digital Age is highly appropriate for private studio teachers preparing students for theory exams. We have tried to make instant print music lessons universally adaptable

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Resource Materials for teaching about the Instruments Of The Orchestra

Here are a few ideas for teaching about the Instruments of the Orchestra. I do hope you find the ideas useful and feel free to provide some feedback using the comment box below. Instrument Four Corners Game For this game you will need four posters which represent the strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instrument families

Classroom Music Games – Scribble Music

This is an activity that I use during extra time or to leave for a substitute to do with elementary students. It's an activity called "Scribble Music". The activity teaches students to listen for the differences in fast and slow music. After reviewing the differences between fast and slow, each student lays on the floor

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Listening ideas for Music by Mozart

The Fun Music Company has a whole series of lesson plans available about composers, from the Baroque through to the 20th Century. Listening List and other resources for learning about Mozart in the music class. Mozart Requiem Mass in D Minor Confutatis and Lacrimosa Piano Concerto no. 21 2nd movement: Andante Eine kleine Nachtmusik: Allegro

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Classroom Music Games – Music Treasure Hunt

Select 4 contrasting instruments (any that you like…for example a scraping sound, a hitting sound, a shaking sound and a pitched percussion or barred instrument) Each instrument will represent a sound (left, right, forward, backward). Practice moving around the room to the sounds. Choose 4 students to play instruments, 1 to be the “treasure hunter”

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