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I always find it fascinating to look back on my career so far as a music teacher and think to myself….what did my students really get from it all. Did they just learn about the techniques and fingerings that they had to learn over the years to pass the next exam…. or was it much

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New Research: Music and Language share the same Pathways In The Brain

Music educators, researchers and clinicians have suspected links between music and language learning for a long time, but now there’s even more evidence. Researchers based at Liverpool University have just confirmed that musical training can increase blood flow in the left hemisphere of the brain, suggesting that the area of the brain responsible for music

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The Importance of Music Lessons

Its time for another issue of Music Teachers' Q and A.. and in this episode we cover a very important issue. Today's question came from Doug, from the USA, and he said: “I am a general music teacher who teaches 6,7,8 and high school students. My question is: How can I motivate my students to

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Music Education In The Media

Music teachers are always aware of the impact that music education makes on their students- they see it everyday. However, does that mean everyone else in the local community always shares this opinion? Sadly, the answer is often no. The reality is that even if you’ve been teaching several years, students will still come to

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Two New Music Advocacy Documentaries

I’m always on the lookout for great music advocacy video’s and today, I’ve just found two new ones- just in time to watch over the US Summer break! Here are the trailers of them both. Gustovo Dudamel is always an inspiration to me with his conducting skill combined with his passion for music.This man appears

Gustavo Dudamel's Music Advocacy Mission

It seems like classical music is finally getting the support it deserves in at least small area of LA, USA. This was the topic of a recent 60 minutes interview with Gustavo Dudamel, the youngest conductor ever for the Philharmonic Orchestra and the youngest major conductor in the world. Just think for a moment: How

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