History Of Rock n Roll: How Did Rock Begin?

Here are some You Tube Videos links  you could use to teach your students about to compliment the first lesson of the Fun Music Company History Of Rock and Roll Printable Music Lesson Plans Series. How Did Rock Begin- Video Resources "Rock Around the Clock"by Bill Haley and The Comets Debuting in 1954 and marking

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Resources for Teaching Music Composition

In a recent Music Education Twitter Chat,which took place on April 20th, 2010 EST the question of "What the Most Important Topics to Teach in the Music Classroom" were discussed. I was surprised to find out that many music teachers who participated in the chat thought music composition was not taught enough in schools and

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A Listening Activity about early Rock and Roll Music

The “Duck Walk” was a unusual dance move made famous by Chuck Berry. A music lesson plan about early Rock and Roll music can be much more entertaining if you use this idea and expand on it in music class. After you’ve watched some videos of Chuck Berry doing his trademark “Duck Walk” you could

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Making Music Worksheets effective in the music class

There are a great many books and worksheets for the teaching of music theory available. Many of these are excellent, and well written and researched for the instruction of music theory. 
There is one thing that over everything else makes certain worksheets and educational materials more effective in this area. This one thing is an

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Learning Music for Music’s Sake

There has been a lot of discussion around the Music Education community recently about the benefits of music education for children. There is a lot of talk about the “Mozart Effect” where the listening to certain types of classical music are shown to have benefits in ordering the brain and thus improving intelligence. Some have

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Substitute Lesson ideas – Playing Fun

I came up with this idea so children could experience what it's like to sing and play instruments in a group. First I would teach the class a simple song by rote, I use Yellow Submarine by the Beatles but any fun song will do. If you can play basic chords on the piano or

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Teaching Ideas For Using STOMP in a General Music Class

I just found this STOMP Clip that would provide great inspiration for students in the music classroom of approx junior high school standard. Lesson Plan Ideas Make A STOMP Ensemble Have the class watch a portion of a dvd about the group STOMP. Afterwards, the kids should form small groups and pick out unique objects

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