The Secrets to Creating a Successful Music Theory Curriculum

“Research shows a positive connection between teachers’ preparation in their subject matter and their performance and impact in the classroom” . I read this recently in a US study about teacher preparation research(1) and I’m sure that it’s no surprise to any of us that the more prepared a teacher is in their specific subject

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Making Music Worksheets effective in the music class

There are a great many books and worksheets for the teaching of music theory available. Many of these are excellent, and well written and researched for the instruction of music theory. 
There is one thing that over everything else makes certain worksheets and educational materials more effective in this area. This one thing is an

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How and how not to teach music theory

At its core, Music Theory is the study of the written manuscript. It is the knowledge of the symbols that make up music scores, and the ability to effectively translate them into music. An knowledge of theory assists people who play music, not because it makes them play better, but because it helps them communicate

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Using Flashcards In Music Theory Lessons

This video is a Suzuki teacher using flashcards to actively involve her students in remembering musical terms they have played in their pieces. I was just looking through youtube for music theory videos and I stumbled across this teacher who was actively involving her students in remembering musical terms they have played in their pieces.

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Music Rhymes to help in a Music Theory lesson

What is the best rhyme for teaching the order of sharps and flats? Do you even use a rhyme? Currently at The Fun Music Company, we are really busy finishing and editing our next “Printable Music Theory Book” and this question came up so I just wanted to ask for your opinion on how to

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