Rock and Roll History: Rock Around The Clock

Marking some of the earliest footage of Rock and Roll music, this Bill Haley classic called "Rock around the Clock" brought teenagers to their feet as they couldn't help but dance as they heard it, much to their parents disapproval. This is a perfect discussion piece for a music class and below are some questions

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Rock and Roll Music from the 1950's

Here is a little excerpt from our Fact Sheet on Rock and Roll Music. This comes from our Music Lesson plan series on the history of Rock and roll. Did you know that Rock and Roll or Pop music didn’t even exist until the 1950s? The only music that existed before that was Classical, Jazz,

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Making Music Worksheets effective in the music class

There are a great many books and worksheets for the teaching of music theory available. Many of these are excellent, and well written and researched for the instruction of music theory. 
There is one thing that over everything else makes certain worksheets and educational materials more effective in this area. This one thing is an

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Learning Music for Music’s Sake

There has been a lot of discussion around the Music Education community recently about the benefits of music education for children. There is a lot of talk about the “Mozart Effect” where the listening to certain types of classical music are shown to have benefits in ordering the brain and thus improving intelligence. Some have

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Ideas for teaching students about Mozart

Planning music lessons? here are a couple of ideas to help you create some fun music resources for your lessons. In Salzburg, Austria, Mozart's childhood house has been turned into a museum. Design the front cover of a brochure advertising the Museum by briefly describing who Mozart was, what may be see in the Museum

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More productivity tools for music teachers

The author of this article, Kevin Tuck is a former teacher and editor for the Fun Music Company, who create ready made and easy to use Music Lesson Plans for music teachers everywhere. Music Teachers have a very busy schedule. Possibly music teachers have the busiest life of all teachers. Here are a few ideas

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Five concepts to keep in mind when writing a lesson plan for music

An indispensable tool for music teachers is the lesson plan. They are very important to the success of both one lesson and the teachers career in general. There is an old saying that says something like “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” Once you have a bit of experience under your belt however, then

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Should We Be Grading Our Students At Young Ages?

This was a question that I came away asking myself after the first ever Music Education Twitter Chat which took place recently on March 2nd, 2010 involving approximately thirty music educators worldwide. It was a very busy hour with interesting tweets coming from all directions and loads of different opinions, resources and articles to check

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