Teaching Issues with Music Theory Fun Sheets

Teaching Questions Would this product be suitable for one on one studio lessons? Of course! Some of the products are more suitable than others, for instance Musical Terms for the Digital Age is highly appropriate for private studio teachers preparing students for theory exams. We have tried to make instant print music lessons universally adaptable

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Writing a good lesson plan for a music lesson

An indispensable tool for music teachers is the lesson plan. They are very important to the success of both one lesson and the teachers career in general. There is an old saying that says something like “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” Once you have a bit of experience under your belt however, then

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The Most Effective ways to teach music theory

At its core, Music Theory is the study of the written music notes. It is the understanding of the dots and scribbles that make up written music, and the ability to effectively translate them into sounds. An understanding of theory really helps musicians, not because it makes them play better, but because it helps them

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