Teachers – how to help parents with reading musical notes

Have you ever been asked by a parent something really incredibly basic, like “why are some notes coloured in and others aren’t?”

Well… Its understandable – because music is like a different language, and if they havent studied music themselves then they’ll probably struggle with reading the music notes.

Like it or not, if you dont answer their questions then the student will probably eventually stop learning, simply because the parents don’t understand it.

What we’ve done at the Fun Music Company is set up a special website, called the Parents Music Guide, that you can recommend the parents visit to answer their questions about reading musical notes.

We’ve got a guide to reading musical notes – pitches

and a guide to reading music notes – rhythms

Feedback from teachers is most welcome of course, and if you have any ideas of articles and advice that we can supply at the parents music guide please let us know!

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