I just found this STOMP Clip that would provide great inspiration for students in the music classroom of approx junior high school standard.

Lesson Plan Ideas

Make A STOMP Ensemble
Have the class watch a portion of a dvd about the group STOMP. Afterwards, the kids should form small groups and pick out unique objects from a box and create their own verison of STOMP. Near the end of class each group has to perform their creation in front of the class. It covers the National Standards of playing instruments alone and with others, improvising, creating, listening, and showing respect for other’s performances.This idea was written by Joy Shreckengost who is featured in the e-book called Substitute lesson ideas for the Music Teacher

Play The Cup Game
This fun game could involve a few students or the entire class and the only props you’ll need are a few paper cups! It takes time to practice, but encourages co-ordination and rhythmic skill. For instructions on how to play, just have a look at these you tube videos:
This game is featured in the e-book “40 Lifesavers for the Music Teacher

Play a Junk Percussion Piece
I know this piece really works because: a) my very talented husband and percussionist, kevin wrote it and b) I watched him take some classes with a special needs group- and they just loved it! All you need to do is get together some sticks, buckets, water bottles and other junk percussion items that the kids can find around their homes and mount them on some frames and you’ll be set! This piece called “Hittin It”would work well with special needs as well as mainstream classes. Kevin has put together all the materials such as handouts, recordings and teaching notes so that non- percussion teachers (like me) can easily implement it into their classrooms. When you listen to the recording, I know that it can sound a bit scary to us non percussionists, but let me assure you that it’s much easier than it sounds and as I said before, the experience of making this piece together is very memorable to the students!

Make a Worksheet
If you’re looking for some comprehension questions to answer while your students watch the video, you’ll find some good questions on the TeachNet Website

The Stomp Official Website
There are a lesson plan few ideas and a fact sheets you can download as a PDF on this site.

Here are a few junk related video’s and ideas that are just a bit of extra fun!