Teaching Questions

Would this product be suitable for one on one studio lessons?

Of course! Some of the products are more suitable than others, for instance Musical Terms for the Digital Age is highly appropriate for private studio teachers preparing students for theory exams.
We have tried to make instant print music lessons universally adaptable to a wide variety of teaching situations, including private studios.
Are there any copyright restrictions in using Music Theory Fun Sheets?
We ask that you agree to our terms of our license agreement the first time you visit the members area. The license agreement simply gives you the ability to use and print out the worksheets for teaching your classes, but you cannot distribute, sell or otherwise share it.
This is simple common sense – we have avoided placing unnecessary restrictions as we trust that teachers will exercise discretion when using the materials.
I’m not really a music teacher, but would love to use the worksheets- would they be suitable for a teacher who is a beginner in teaching music?
We have tried to make the worksheets as “beginner friendly” as possible, so that they can be used by fill-in or relief teachers if necessary. They all include answered versions, and as much as possible no musical knowledge should be required to give them to a class.
Can I get teaching advice and help? Are there any lesson plans and ideas I can check to go with Music Theory Fun Sheets?
The Fun Music Company is working on creating a lot of resources for music teaching, through this and several other sites. You’ll find a lot of free resources at Funmusicco.com/Blog
Can I contribute some feedback on the product to be included in the next revision?
We love to hear your feedback, ideas and suggestions. Simply contact us via the Fun Music Company helpdesk and we’ll be in touch.
Can I buy the Music Theory Fun Sheets package as a printed version?
At the moment Music Theory Fun Sheets is only available as a digital self-print product. However we are looking into making a printed version available soon.
What other products does the fun music company have and where can I find them?
The Fun Music Company has a range of other products for Music Education, both for classroom music teachers and studio music teachers. Please visit funmusicco.com to check out the full range.