The Fun Music Company is Hiring!

Here at the Fun Music Company it is our mission to create outstanding resources for music education. We do this by finding the best educators in the world, bringing them together and having them write educational materials that work in the classroom.

Sometimes we do this by “crowd sourcing”, like one of the projects we are currently working on: The Fun Choir Warm-ups. Very often we have a “team” of writers – they share doing the initial drafts and then they are edited by other members of the team.

We are wanting to expand our product range in a few specific areas. For these two areas we are going to need one specialist who really knows the area to write the product.

If one of the descriptions below matches you then please get in touch with us and we can give you more details.

Person One has been a primary/elementary school music specialist for at least five years. In their experience they have taught lots of music of course, but they are particularly good at using Ukulele in the classroom. They teach with it all the time, know the tricks to make it sound good and easy to use, and they know what traditional tunes work really well for classroom use. Also they have sufficient time available in the next six months to write up original teaching ideas for the Ukulele, test them in the classroom and work with us to complete the product.

Person Two is similar to person one, in that they need to be experienced in the primary/elementary classroom, but this person specializes in using the Recorder. They know what tunes work well for recorder at what level, what is fun for kids to do, and how to make Recorder lessons inspiring and fun. They also need sufficient time week to week to complete the project within six months.

There will be attractive upfront payment (and ongoing royalties) for the right applicants who would like to work with us on these two projects. This is a great opportunity for music teachers to increase their income with a little extra work, while testing what you are doing along the way!


  • By Marie Brennan Reply

    I teach recorder whenever possible to anyone who wants to learn Currently I teach it at Cross roads Christian School at the Gerdon Youth Center here in Corydon Indiana. I have a master’s degree in Education from Indiana University Southeast, but it is in Counseling. I am a self taught musician. I have also taught Ukulele, Mountain Dulcimer, and Folk Harp, in an after school program at the Gerdon Youth Center. I love teaching and performing music, and I would love to help you develop your curriculum in a fun way.
    Thank you,
    Marie Brennan

  • By Marie Brennan Reply

    Contact me if you are interested in my help.
    Thank you,
    Marie Brennan

  • By Mary Henderson Reply

    I am an elementary school general music education teacher, utilizing the recorder on the 3rd grade level. My students have grown from not knowing how to read music to reading and playing musical selections designed for the recorder. I have a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and was a co-designer of curriculum for a summer camp designed for low reader achievers, integrating music and other forms to help students achieve higher reading/comprehension results.

  • By primary music resources Reply

    It’s very nice to listen about the hiring process for music. The teachers should be well trained and knowledgeble so that they can show some good performance.

  • By sue Reply

    Hi Janice,
    I’m interested if you haven’t already found someone- for the recorder that is. I did Uke for a year last year but mainly only follow the mike Jackson stuff. Sounds like a great project..


  • By music resources for primary teachers Reply

    Nice explanation about Recorder. Actually, recorder can be the funniest instrument for kids if one can use it proper way by different tunes at different levels. The key selection criteria shown in this blog is very high. Good opportunities for school music teachers. Thanks.

  • By Denise Stringer Reply

    Hello Janice and Kevin

    I am happy to help out with anything. I have been teaching recorders to yr 2s for over 20 years.

    I use the lessons to inspire students to then take lessons for a band instrument.

    I am always looking for new resources to make it fun.

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