Have you ever had times where things just don’t feel like they’re ever coming together and yet had other times where it’s all been so easy?

I was reflecting on it this morning on my run and I realized that there have been two major milestones which have felt well, easier, and in the past they haven’t always been.

That’s why I’ve taken today’s very impromptu video.

In this episode you’ll find a key element to setting yourself and helping others to set up for success everyday.

I realized why it had changed so suddenly – why these things in the past that sometimes seemed so daunting and hard have suddenly become so much easier and some key factors that help change the hard into the easy- so I wanted to share it with you first hand:

The bottom line here is we all need rules … we all have them. What I’ve realized is that sometimes these rules we make for ourselves whether they’re in the conscience or the sub-conscience shape who we are and what we do. So if we make our rules too hard, we’ll be less likely to want to do it.

The reason why I now love running is because I have simple rules that I can feel good about and I’m looking forward to incorporating some simple rules into our training sessions this week too. But I realize this is the first step … That first step of self-awareness, because there have been times where I’ve made my own rules all too complicated – without even knowing it!

That’s why today’s message is so simple. The bottom line is be aware of what your rules are, but be prepared to break them too! When they’re getting to hard, too vague or too many, they’re much harder to fulfill and it might be time to change … and you are in control of that :-)

So, now I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever been aware of the rules you’re making before? Choose one or all of the questions to answer in the comments below:

What are some of the things you do to set yourself up for success in your daily life. What are some of the key rules you have for having a successful day in the music classroom?

What are some key questions you can ask of yourself to find out what your rules are?

What are some of the rules you’ve had in the past which have made things difficult for yourself and others?

Remember share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of like minded teachers like yourself come here for new insight and inspiration and your story might help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Also, If you have a friends, students or collegues who are struggling with finding happiness and fulfillment in their daily life, please feel free share this post with them.

Kind Regards,


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