The Virtual Music Education Conference is Coming

In July this year, the Fun Music Company is excited to announce that we are going to be hosting the our first Virtual Music Education Conference.

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It’ll be a conference like no other… for two main reasons:

1. You won’t have to travel or spend lots of money to attend… as you can attend from home. Its a Virtual Conference, so you’ll be able to attend in your own time and listen and watch the presentations.

2. It will be provided to you at a fraction of the cost of traditional conferences.

The conference will be in the format of a series of interviews with amazing music educators, conductors, musicians and people who provide inspiration for us all.

We are planning to bring together some of the TOP people in Music Education for this conference, and we’re going to interview them and bring the secrets of their success to you!

So… the purpose of my email today is to find out:

Who do YOU want to hear from at this conference?

We have a few ideas already, and we’re already emailing potential speakers, but we do really want to hear from you about the special people who really make a difference in Music Education.

So please leave your ideas in the comment box below, or feel free to contact us with your suggestions.




  • By Gillian Reply

    Hi, I would love to hear Thomas Gregory speak. He has written the Vamoosh series of strings books for beginners and up. They are unlike anything else that I know of on the market: the pieces are fresh and funky, they teach skills very systematically and, because they are available for iPad and iPhone, the kids think they are cool!

    Thanks 🙂


    • By Janice Reply

      Hi Gillian,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not familiar with Thomas Gregory’s books, but we will definitely follow that up!

  • By Lisa Shacklock Reply

    Hi Janice,
    This conference is a FABULOUS idea!
    Something I’d like to know more about is how to use the interactive whiteboard to its full extent.
    Keep up the great work, Janice. I really enjoy your website, comments and products. It’s great to know us music teachers can come together and share ideas. Thanks for developing such a great company!
    Lisa 🙂

    • By Janice Reply

      Thanks Lisa, There will definitely be some instructional stuff on interactive whiteboards involved in this. We can’t wait – its all very exciting!

  • By Julia Reply

    I would love to see Dr. Marianne Bryan, Dr. Phillip Low, and Dr.Paul Wirth.

    • By Janice Reply

      Thanks Julia, we will follow up and see if we can find those people

  • By Amy Reply

    Deborah Smith is a gem. I love her Aural and musicicianship courses for high school students. Sue Arney is a wonderful junior band educator. The kids love her and every time I attend a workshop run by her, I learn new and exciting ways to enthuse my junior band.

  • By Angel Ingram Reply

    I would love for Leonard Slatkin ( Conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra) to speak on his music education and conducting expertise. I’ve had the experience to play under his direction and he is absolutely amazing.

  • By Jo Reply

    Hi Janice, I would love to hear from people from the film industry; composers and editors. My main interest would be music technology

  • By Colin Reply

    Hi Janice, Kevin,

    What a great idea. It would be good to have some input for android users as well. I use my tablet and smart phone as teaching aids and, as you know, would love to be able to integrate the interactive white board products into one to one sessions as it is a great way for young people to get to grips with music theory.

    Best wishes

  • By Anne Reply

    Artie Almeida is WONDERFUL! Her activities are top notch!

  • By Chris Reply

    Hi Janice,
    I would love to hear advice about how to deal with program cuts. My district has cut my contact time by 50% for next year. We are left wondering what to teach and what to leave out of our curriculum! Please Help!

  • By Jaclyn Chiarelli Reply

    Hi! I am excited about this idea and also would love to hear from anyone that is great at music technology (i.e. using Ipads/apps in the class room; utalizing the eno board (like a smart board) to its fullest (especially with k-3 students); great websites to use with good music games and interactive teaching lessons for kids; maybe even how to create your own game (like the ones on Also any workshops on keyboard classes would be great.
    Dr. Wesley Ball from Western Ct St University in Danbury, Ct (my alma mater) is a phenominal elementary methods teacher and would present a wonderful workshop. He has done live ones at the CMEA conferences in Hartford, Ct.
    THANKS!! — Jaclyn

  • By Jaclyn Chiarelli Reply

    Also- when will the conference take place and do you know the approximate cost yet? Thanks!

    • By Janice Reply

      In regards to WHEN – this will most likely be held in the last week of July. That is what we are aiming for at this stage, but it will depend on everyone’s availability at that time.

      With regards to how much it will cost.. we don’t know yet. It really does depend on which speakers we can attract, and how much our costs are, which are all unknown at this stage.

      One thing is for sure – we intend to make it OUTSTANDING value – so whether it costs $1 or $100 we will make sure it is an amazing amount of value for everyone who attends.

  • By Allison Lloyd Reply

    Orff Schulwerk gurus:

    Sofia Ibor-Lopez
    James Harding

  • By Jane Moore Reply

    Dr. Diane Lange is a professor of Music at University if Texas at Arlington. She has authored several books on early music learning, specializing in Pre-K and Kinder classroom music. She is AMAZING with the little ones and their music…great ideas and integration in the classroom.

  • By Linda Welch Reply

    I have been receiving your emails on a regular basis and would like to hear any ideas on introducing music to individuals on the autism spectrum.

  • By Tami Fossum Reply

    I would like to hear John Jacobson speak.

  • By Susan Dommer Reply

    Dr. Pat Freer (Georgia) is a terrific resource for Middle School – he is an expert in boys changing voices. He has lots of ideas to help us make chorus a success for middle school singers!

  • By Laurie Martin Reply

    I agree with Tami about having John Jacobson as a guest speaker. Also, Ethan Bortnick, a 12 year-old American boy who is so talented musically (piano, guitar, drums) and is the youngest musician to go on tour (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records).

    • By Janice Reply

      Thankyou to everyone who has commented and given suggestions. We have noted all of them, and we will follow up and see what we can do to attract these speakers to participate.

  • By Glenn stone Reply

    gr8 idea of a virtual conference. teaching students online from home would be a great conference topic. how to set up the system plus software needed etc.

  • By Diana Reply

    I would love to hear from Music/ IT practitioners who use interactive white boards and ipads for group/ primary class music work. To hear from Orff Schulwerk gurus like Keith Terry (USA) Robyn Staveley (AUS) would be a bonus they have a lot to offer the music education world.

  • By Martie Mutz Reply

    AMY M. BURNS!!! She has authored Technology Integration in the Elementary Music Classroom. She would be a wonderful addition to this virtual conference!

  • By Martie Mutz Reply

    KATIE WARDROBE. I just took her on-line iPads in Music Education 4-session course. She offers all kinds of music tech classes, including Mixcraft, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Interactive Whiteboards, and GarageBand. I highly recommend her!!! I bet she would love to be involved with this conference!

  • By Janet Berry Reply

    Denise Gagne from Canada, Musicplay
    Here’s how to contact her:
    Mailing Address:
    Themes & Variations
    #2-4664 Riverside Drive
    Red Deer, Alberta T4N 6Y5
    US Mailing Address:
    Themes & Variations
    Box 309
    Danville, WA 99121

    Phone: 1-888-562-4647
    Fax: 1-888-562-4647

  • By Margey Dwyre Reply

    Any and all ideas on adapting age appropriate music curriculum for children with special needs, including children that are unable to physically participate in music due to lack of independent mobility. I do not have a Smart Board and have limited access to technology. Most participation is facilitated hand over hand, or with pre-programmed switches. Thanks for all your ideas and enthusiasm!

  • By Dona Reply

    Sounds wonderful. I teach online so this sounds wonderful. Will graduate credit be an option?

  • By eugene cantera Reply

    cool idea…since it is a ‘virtual’ conference, perhaps folks might be interested in what dlp music program is doing online and what the future might hold for music education in general. We’d be happy to participate of the time is right! Cheers from Dallas and good luck with this event.

  • By Laura B Reply

    Do you have the exact date so we can put it on the calendar? Also so I can apply soon for my district’s approval for attendance reimbursement if there is a charge for it.
    Hope there is a chat room for collaboration!
    Will people be able to access the sessions afterwards? Sponsors? Maybe they will have giveaways or prizes to encourage participation?
    Will a certificate of attendance be available?
    SoundTree had a Virtual Conference last year I think – it was free. Great resources!
    I’m excited – very little for music and technology in an online conference format. I usually browse technology conferences and try to find ways to utilize what they offer in a music setting. Can’t wait!

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