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printable music theory books student edition
Printable Music Theory Books
Student Edition$49.95
(including shipping on CD-ROM)

First, let me say that I understand your frustration. You’ve looked everywhere on the internet for something to help you learn to read music and understand everything effectively, but you’re still struggling.
Would that be right?
I struggled myself with music theory. I got to University to study as a music teacher, and I discovered that there were massive gaps in my knowledge of music theory, that I had to catch up on, and quickly!
I had to study really old fashioned music theory books which I purchased from a music store, which was like going back in time fifty years! They weren’t relevant, and were full of terminology I just didn’t understand.
Looking back on it, I don’t know how I managed to get through it. Thankfully I did, and I mastered music theory so I could go and teach it in schools.

What is Music Theory?

“Music Theory is the study of music notation, and the understanding of how music works”
A greater understanding of music theory will:

  • Help your music reading – so that you can pick up sheet music from any store or online, and understand it and be able to play it quickly on your instrument.
  • Help you communicate your ideas to other musicians. If you have a good understanding of the language of music, then you can easily communicate with other musicians in rehearsals.
  • Help you write music. You will learn skills that will be invaluable in writing your own songs, such as what chords work in certain situations.

Why is music theory difficult to understand?

A lot of people think you can just go online, find a site that explains it and read about music theory.
Yes, you can do that.
However, it won’t work.
Because music theory is very complex, and it requires DOING it in order to actually understand it.
If you just READ something about music theory: you have a very small chance of actually retaining that knowledge, and being able to USE it when you need to.
However, if you read something, and then write it down, and continually write it down over a few days, then you’ll have a far greater chance of retaining the information.
Music Notation has so much going on: Just a single note written down has a pitch, a duration, an idea of its volume, its expression…. All these things are reflected in the music notation, and musicians have to know these things SO WELL that they are able to be instantly recognized and performed.
the human brainThese things have to be retained in the subconscious brain – NOT the conscious brain.
Sigmund Freud was largely responsible for our common knowledge of the conscious and subconscious brains. You may have seen before the analogy of an iceberg: There is about 10% showing above sea level, and the majority is below. This is how your mind works: your brain is capable of so much in the subconscious, but you have to learn to get the knowledge there.
So how do you get it to the subconscious brain?
The only way to do this is practice. Learning the same materials over and over again, and eventually it will be learned.
You not only need to have the information, but you need to practice it – and go through workbooks and worksheets until you’ve really mastered the subject.
That is why we offer a product for you which will help you do this.

Printable Music Theory Books : Student Edition

printable music theory books student edition

This is a complete music theory course. Four printable workbooks along with answers, plus assessments you can do at the end of each level to test your progress.
There are four levels, and they take you through from the very beginning: where you learn how to read basic notes, through to advanced music theory where you will be adding harmony to songs, and analyzing how songs are put together.
here is an outline of what is included in each of the four levels:
Level One

Level One of Printable Music Theory Books contains:

  • Fundamental Notes and Rests
  • Major Keys (C,F and G)
  • Introduction to Major Scales
  • Simple Rhythm Notation

Flip through and have a look in detail. You can double click to zoom in on any pages:

Level Two

Level Two of Printable Music Theory Books contains:

  • Larger range of notes in treble and bass clefs
  • Major and Minor Keys
  • Introduction to the Cycle of 5ths
  • Major, Harmonic and Natural Minor Scales
  • Simple and Compound Time Signatures

Flip through and have a look in detail:

Level Two

Level Three of Printable Music Theory books contains:

  • Continuation of scales and general theory
  • Concepts of enharmonics, diatonic/chromatic and more
  • The circle of 5ths and all major and minor keys
  • An introduction to classical harmony
  • An introduction to modern piano-style harmony and adding chords to a melody using primary chords.

Flip through and have a look in detail:

Level Two

Level Four of Printable Music Theory Books Contains:

  • Advanced concepts in keys and scales
  • Introduction to modal scales
  • Chords, inversions and seventh chords
  • Classical harmony
  • Modern harmony, harmonizing using primary and secondary triads and seventh chords.

Flip through and have a look in detail. You can double click to zoom in on any pages:

This is exactly the same material that we sell on this website to Music Teachers to help their students learn music theory.
However, our regular on our website is designed for teachers to be able to print multiple copies for their students…. it is clearly going to be out of reach for a self learner to pay $59.95 per level.
So, what we have done is made this available to you at a substantially reduced price of just $49.95 for the entire course (4 levels!), including delivery on CD-ROM.
This is available ONLY through this invitation-only web-page, and the pricing may change at any time.


Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between this edition and the one sold for $189.95?
None, except that this version is intended for a single student user only. It is not able to be used for teaching purposes.
The materials are exactly the same, but delivered all on one single CD-ROM for convenience, rather than a CD per level, as in the teachers edition.
Are all the answers included?
YES! every workbook and assessment included has a complete answered version on the CD as well, so you can print out and use the un-answered version, then just return to the computer to check it against the fully answered version.
Can I work at my own pace?
Yes, absolutely. The way the course is structured you can pace yourself throughout the whole program.
I already know some music theory – do I have to go back to the very beginning?
No, you can pick it up at whichever level feels right for you. There are assessments included, so the best thing to do would be to test yourself by doing a few of those from levels 1 & 2, and if you get them all 100% correct then you can probably start at level 3 or 4.
Can I use this material to prepare for ABRSM or Trinity College exams?
Yes – the materials are carefully aligned so that they match the requirements of these exam boards. However, we wouldn’t recommend using this as your only preparation if you are doing these exams: You should get practice papers from the exam board and other books as well for additional practice.
Does this teach me to play the piano?
No – This will help your understanding of music theory, but won’t teach you to play an instrument. For that we recommend finding a good teacher in your local area or a quality practical playing course which can be found online.
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