Two great fill-in or idea’s that’s adaptable to a wide range of ideas which can be used by anyone for a music class or in a music studio is…

* My Body Orchestra – in a large circle or small groups, give the kids the opportunity to use their body as an instrument, or parts of their bodies as different instruments. The imagination can go wild with what sounds we think our body can make, each week kids can expand on this idea as well… e.g. tap head (saying boing boing), nose (honk, honk), wiggle bottom (saying wiggle), rub tummy (rub rub), etc. You can have each person say and act out a sound on their body, then the next person. You can give them a few seconds to come out with something or they are out…etc. Quicker the better, and the giggles start! My kids come up with more rules and more ideas each week how we can use this game.

* Dance Off – In a circle, give the kids the opportunity to use their body in all sorts of fun and silly ways, as they hear the music (e.g. use a fun funky expressive song)… let their body interpret the music…once they have the idea, have a leader and everyone follow them, then the next person becomes the leader etc… The more sillier, the more fun!

* Dancing Paintbrush – Use an expressive piece of music, or a number of pieces, while the kids interpret the music onto a large piece of paper (or a piece each) with Paint, pastels, etc. Adding blind folds per child is also a fun addition to this activity. No speaking is important for each child to focus and tune into what their interpretation is…they can then share their thoughts about the activity. You could adapt this idea to outside on the grass, with a very large piece of paper, and let the kids dance to the music, dipping their feet in different coloured paints…messy but would be fun! Imagine the artwork that would come out of this….

Submitted by Miranda Dines of Creative Bubble Studio