Ready for your next choir rehearsal?

Have you ever wanted to know how the best choral directors and trainers get the best out of their choirs? What they say? What they do? and How they make it fun?

Well now here’s your chance to find out.

Here at the Fun Music Company, we’re very excited to launch a brand new resource today which is a collection of vocal warmup songs designed specifically for this one reason:

… to find out the secrets of the best Choral Directors in the world!

It’s a bold claim, I know. But this is exactly what it does!

You see, this book is different to most others because most books are written by one author. in In fact when we were coming up with the concept for the book, we thought to ourselves “What if we could get access to the ideas of hundreds or even thousands of the best practicing choral directors in the world.”

So that’s what we did…. Literally.

When we got started with it all back in March, we asked our mailing list which covers nearly twenty thousand practicing music teachers to apply if they had expertise in working with choirs, we ran a job on a work website called Elance and then we asked several guest contributors if they’d like to take part in it too. Then we paid them to give us their best ideas they use with their choirs.

The result…

We’ve put together over 100 years of collective knowledge together in one book. Some of the choral directors that we have been privileged to work along with throughout this project have been teaching and training choirs of all ages for 30+ years each! So when you add up the collective experience of all of the contributors, there’s at least 100 years experience teaching singing and conducting choirs.

Just imagine: you can learn over 100 years of the best and most fun warm-ups to use in your choirs, general music classes or even summer workshops or camps plus you’ll get the all the background knowledge you will need to make it sound like you’ve been doing all the warm ups for years, in just one easy read. And you’ll be able to refer to it forever – especially when you need it most!

But please don’t just take my word for it. Click on the picture below to check out our brand new Choir Warmups page and see it all for yourself. On this website, You’ll find a video which will tell you exactly what you’ll find in the book and it will run through in much more detail what you’ll find in the book and how you can use it. There’s also some other special benefits that you’ll find on this website that no other online choral training book has ever done before.

So be one of the first to check it out today and and tell me what you’re first impressions are by using the comment box below to write your feedback


The Secrets of Choir Directors WorldWide