Wanted: Choir Trainers and Choir Directors!

The Fun Music Company is just starting a brand new product, which we hope to release later this year.

This product will be called Fun Warmups for Choir (or similar, we’re not totally sure of the title yet), and it will feature:

  • A student booklet
  • A teachers guide
  • Piano accompaniments
  • Recordings of accompaniments (midi & mp3)

We’re not totally certain of the structure of the content yet, as it may change depending on what is submitted.

Our development process will be something like this:

Phase 1
We ask choir directors and choir trainers from all over the world to contribute their best ideas that work for their choirs. The ideas need to be original or traditional activities. As warmups are often handed down from choir director to choir director often no-one knows who originally invented it anyway! Just please don’t contribute anything that you know violates anyones copyright.

We just need an idea of how to perform the warmup, so sheet music would be preferred, so that we can understand it exactly in a written form. Chord symbols for accompaniments are fine, you don’t have to write it all out exactly (but you can if you wish).
Phase 2
We will then edit them together and remove duplicate ideas, and we may ask one editor who we have worked with before to co-ordinate this. We will then structure it into the end format of student booklet and teachers guide. We may go back to the providers and ask them to check their own ideas and accompaniments for accuracy.

Phase 3
We invite a group of choir directors (who may or may not have been involved at phase 1) to view the drafts and give detailed feedback. We will also pay a nominal fee to those editors at this stage.

We are going to facilitiate this through elance.com. Elance is a system whereby contractors bid an amount for a job, and they manage the payment, so it is all very easy for everyone. You know you’ll get paid, and we know we’ll get the work by a specific deadline.

If you’ve not used elance.com thats no problem, just signup as a provider and then search for our job “Warmups for Choir”. You need to signup to write in the “Writing and Translation” category, and you’ll find the job under “Other – Writing Services”

The minimum bid on elance is $50, so if you’ve only got one or two great ideas that you want to contribute, just bid $50, and that will still be welcome.

If you’ve got lots and lots of warmups in your “kit bag”, and you’ve got more to contribute, then please bid more.

We’re not looking for the cheapest job here. We want the best, so we can create an absolutely brilliant product for choir directors.

We might get a handful of people wanting to be involved, or we may get hundreds. If we do get too many obviously we can’t choose everyone, so please don’t be offended if we can’t choose you. We will choose at least 5, but more like 10 contributors if we can at this first stage, and we expect to pay between $50 and $200 per provider.

So click here to check out the posting on elance.com, and if this link doesn’t work just go to elance.com, click on the link that says “WORK” at the top of the page, then enter “Warmups for Choir” in the search box.


  • By Joanna Xylas Reply

    I am really excited about this new venture that The Fun Music Company is taking on! I have lots of great ideas that have been tried, tested, and true to help young people develop their singing and listening skills. I’ll be glad to get signed on with elance within the next day or so. Best of luck with this new project!

    • By janice Reply

      Thanks Joanna look forward to seeing you on elance.com. Thank you for your feedback.

  • By Mary H Reply

    I would be happy to help with this venture and get paid to do so.

  • By john Mulumba Reply

    great innovation Janice
    keep it up

  • By Sara Long, Director of Music Ministries, Vista Ysleta UMC, El Paso, TX Reply

    I am a thirty-two year veteran high school choir director with lots of great ideas from so many years experience! I am currently developing a children’s choir at my church, so I have lots of warm ups for different age groups and ability levels. I would be very interested in contributing my tried and true warm ups!

  • By Rose McArthur Reply

    This is just one very small comment on what I’ve found helpful here in South Africa, where most people actually have never learned to read music. (This doesn’t apply to those who’ve learned a musical instrument). If I’m teaching in 2, 3 or 4 part harmony, I usually record each part as though it is the “melody” and ask the those involved to take it away and play repeatedly, thereby learning their “part”. Putting it together is not always straightforward, but those singing the harmonies are not totally put off at the beginning. Maybe this will help someone. Rose

    • By janice Reply

      A great tip here Rose- Thank you

  • By Hazel Baro Reply

    Wow! Id be happy to contribute since im passionate about this especially with our young people!

  • By Jenni Miller Reply

    Hi Janice; I love my three choirs and am always trying to work out new ideas for their different needs. I would be happy to contibute in a very small way. I am sure there are many choir masters out there with invaluable ideas for us all. Hope you get a fantastic product.

  • By Sue McTigue Reply

    I have a 90 voice 4th=6th grade elementary choir and a 2nd and 3rd grade choir to. I’d love to help out. I have over 25 yrs. experience and am a finalist is my school district’s distinguished Apple Award, given to one elementary teacher each year. Let me know what you need and when.

    • By janice Reply

      Sounds like you’re the sort of teacher we’re looking for Sue. We’ll send you a full email with details.

  • By Tina Clark Reply

    I work with a 4/5 Grade chorus at my school and I also have an Honor choir that is derived from the large group.I would lie to work with you. I have a few ideas on vocal warm-ups.

  • By Vitaliy Reply

    Hello Janice. Sounds like a great project you are doing. I am a youth choir director in my church. There are a lot of experienced directors that are ready to contribute. I am very busy at this time, and would like to participate if I can, and at the same time am very excited about this project. Let me know if I can be of any help. I wish success for this project. Best wishes. Vitaliy. Binghamton, NY

    • By janice Reply

      Thank you everyone for showing such intetest in this project. You’ve all got such great enthusiasm and experience for the project, so we look forward to following up on this over the next week or two.

  • By Elizabeth Scott Reply

    Great idea. Teachers have so many tricks and how lovely to share these so more people will gain confidence to teach music through singing. Teaching children to sing beautifully is no competition. We all have the same goal which is to engage, inspire and equip children with a life long love and ability to sing.

  • By Stephanie Reply

    This sounds like such a great project, something I’d love to have for our group projects, I will get onto elance and sign up with some ideas I have! Thanks for the heads up Janice!

  • By janice Reply

    Once again, thankyou to everyone for your interest in this project. We have emailed you all individually with details on how you can participate. If you haven’t received an email please let us know. Our deadline for initial applications is March 16th, 2011

  • By Jay Enriquez Reply

    Hi Janice, this project is very interesting-to create an absolutely brilliant product for choir directors! With my Music degrees & 30 years of Choral Conducting experience, I am sure I will be able to contribute a lot! Thanks, God bless & more power!…..Jay Enriquez

  • By David Woodard Reply

    I am also a Baritone vocalist/solist and former choir director. I would be very interested in your new warm-ups and will ask my current choir director to try them out with our church choir if you like.

  • By Rogier IJmker Reply

    Wow…did you publish it yet?

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