I’ve had many challenges as a music teacher !

Getting students to practice was one of my main ones – I found that if students didn’t practice then they eventually quit lessons.

Attracting enough students when my husband and I started in our full time commercial music school was another!

Another Challenge I see with a lot of teachers in music teaching forums is dealing with the sometimes incredibly different expectations and needs of the parents of their students

What I’d like to know is – What is Your single biggest challenge you face as a music teacher?

If we can I’d love to be able to help at the Fun Music Company – we want to know what products teachers need to help them with Music Teaching in the community. We are building a unique business where we listen to what teachers want, create products that teachers need and let teachers know about other products that exist which can help them.

So leave a comment on this blog, or if you don’t feel like leaving a public comment, use the contact form on this website