Where are you going in 2016?



Have a look at these two pictures of runners. They are just two stock pictures of people running I found on the internet.

However if you look at the two of them, to me they look distinctly different.

While neither of the two people are smiling, the gentleman on the left looks worried, confused, and unsure where he is running to, while the lady on the right looks confident and assured, like she knows exactly where she is going.

These two photographs show me an excellent example of a person’s STATE. A person’s expression and body language which can tell you an incredible amount about how they are feeling and what they are hoping to achieve.

As a teacher, being able to trigger a resourceful state is absolutely critical, and it is even more critical as a MUSIC teacher. The music teacher has to be on display in front of hundreds of people at regular school concerts, and has to have enormous amounts of technical and administrative things under their command at any one time.

Being able to consciously manage and control my own state has been one of the most crucial things I’ve learned in my entire life. It has transformed my life, as I have the capability to direct how I’m feeling, no matter what is happening around me.

In our upcoming training course called Be Your Best 2016, we are going to discuss STATE in great detail. We’re going to learn about how great athletes and professional musicians trigger high performance states, and some simple tools to find resourcefulness in any moment.

To find out more about how you can benefit from this training, please visit the special event website, and I look forward to seeing you at the live training course.