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Three sensational bonus Items are included when you purchase all four modules together

Super Bonus #1

40 Lifesavers for Music Teachers – Volume One

This ebook is 58 pages of the single best ideas drawn from hundreds of music teachers worldwide.When we were putting together this package of materials we held a competition, inviting contributions from music teachers around the world. We expected to get a handful of entries, and ended up with hundreds! We eventually refined them to 40 Unique and useful ideas that we call our 40 Lifesavers!

Super Bonus #2

Classroom Sized Flashcards

When we were researching useful bonus items that we could include with Music Theory Fun Sheets we discovered that there is a real lack of simple, quality materials that teachers can use to simply show what an instrument looks like, what musical symbols look like and for playing classroom memory games.

For this reason we decided to put together a three packages of classroom sized music flashcards, which match the concepts taught in Modules Two, Three and Four of Music Theory Fun Sheets.

Super Bonus #3

The Music Lesson Emergency Pack

We also wanted materials which would extend and provide something of an emergency solution… You are away for a lesson and just need something quick to keep them busy for a lesson… Here it is!Two Find-a-Words, and two advanced crosswords will keep even the most inquiring and talented young students busy!

These bonus items are not available individually – they are only available as part of the Music Theory Fun Sheets package.

Here is a recap of everything that is included

Pages IncludedPrice on its own
Instant Print Music Lessons Module One - Treasure Island Games

Module One
Treasure Island Games

5 Sets – Rhythm, Intervals, Melody, Scales and Aural. 20 Worksheets in Total

Bonus – Aural Program and Audio tracks to go with Aural training section of Module One


Module Two
Musical Instrument Code Breakers


Three different types of worksheet helping students to recognize different musical symbols. 30 Worksheets in Total


Module Three
Musical Terms for the Digital Age

Eight worksheets which help students to remember musical terms in a modern, fun way.


Module Four
Musical Instrument Games

Sixteen worksheets featuring a range of musical instruments from both popular and classical genres


Super Bonus #1
40 Lifesavers for Music Teachers

58 page ebook with the single best music teaching ideas sourced from hundreds of teachers worldwide.


Super Bonus #2
Three Sets of Classroom Flashcards

Three sets of Classroom flashcards – (Large format half page print) which match concepts taught in Modules 2, 3 and 4




Super Bonus #3
The Music Lesson Emergency Pack

Two Advanced Crosswords and two Find-a-words which will challenge and extend any students!

module 1 set 1Bonus – Lifetime access to updates and revisions via our secure members area siteN/APriceless!
Total number of printable pages included
(worksheets and flashcards)
Total Value of Entire Package$129.60
You Pay Just



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Instant Print Music Lessons Module One - Treasure Island GamesClick here to purchase module one
Treasure Island Games


Instant Print Music Lessons Module Two - Musical Symbol Code BreakersClick here to purchase module two
Musical Symbol Code Breakers


Instant Print Music Lessons Module Three - Musical Terms for the digital ageClick here for module three
Musical Terms for the Digital Age


Instant Print Music Lessons Module Four - Musical Instrument GamesClick here to purchase module four
Musical Instrument Games