Boomwhacker program

Boomwhacker Beatz Curriculum

Recommended for grades K-6
Classroom animations and activities for boomwhackers

Using the classroom video screen the music teacher can get the class performing a song in no time at all using the fun Boomwhacker Beatz animations. There are ‘warmup songs’, based on easy to understand rhythms and pitch ideas, plus performance songs, composition activities and games.

Boomwhackers video program

Play Boomwhackers Online video

Recommended for grades K-2
Online video program.

Children will have fun learning to play Boomwhackers with the ‘Boomwhacker Beatz’ characters as they jump around and show the children where to play. They don’t need to read music, as they simply follow the animations and play when the ‘Beatz’ bounce on the ‘Play Mat’. Children learn about musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm and harmony, all while they are just having fun and playing in time with the animated characters.