Printable Music Theory

A complete course of music instruction of printable workbooks and assessmentsinteractive whiteboard program with theory book
Level One
A complete system for helping students learn the fundamentals of music theory. Covers everything in Grade One Theory from the examination boards around the world.

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Level Two
Learn more than the fundamentals with this Level two theory course. Covers scales, the cycle of 5ths, Simple and Compound Time and transposition.

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Level Three
The third level in this series covers major and minor keys, transposition and a comprehensive introduction to the study of harmony. Both Classical and Jazz styles are covered.

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Level Four

The last installment in this series covers harmony (both traditional and jazz based) in detail, plus an introduction to scale modes, advanced rhythm concepts and counterpoint.
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Worksheets for Elementary Music Theory

Junior Musicianship System

A complete system of worksheets designed especially for youngest learners.interactive whiteboard program with theory book
Junior Musicianship WorksheetsJunior Musicianship SystemOver 200 Worksheets designed to make music learning more effective and enjoyable for young children. (Ideal for 4-7 year olds)

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Worksheets for Classroom Music

Music Theory Fun Sheets

Music Theory Fun Sheets are fun worksheets that are a bit different from the normal “run of the mill” music worksheets.
This series covers topics such as note recognition, musical terms, symbol recognition, rhythmical understanding and aural skills.
interactive whiteboard program with theory book
Music Theory Fun Sheets - Treasure Island GamesTreasure Island Games

Twenty self checking worksheets using a unique map system for checking the answers. Great fun!

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Music Theory Fun Sheets Musical Symbol Code BreakersMusical Symbol Code Breakers

Fun ideas for helping students to familiarize themselves with the look and meaning of musical symbols.

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Music Theory Fun Sheets - Musical TermsMusical Terms for the Digital Age

A new twist on an old topic – how to make learning musical terms fun!

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Music Theory Fun Sheets Module FourMusical Instrument Games

Your students will become familiar with all types of musical instruments through these fun worksheets.

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