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How to create primary music lesson plans

How do you create effective, easy to use primary music lesson plans? What are the steps to creating Primary Music Lesson Plans? What curriculum, learning outcomes, intentions and assessments should be in music lesson plans for primary? How can you create all the primary music lesson plans you need, and still have time

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Four Great Music Teaching Ideas Step-by-step

Four Great music teaching ideas Step-by-Step Music Teaching ideas shape our classroom experiences. They impact rapport, engagement, and behavior. Retention rates are influenced too. Teachers crave amazing, GREAT music teaching ideas. They engage and motivate our students. Want the great NEWS? There’s no genius required. You don’t need to have expert skills in

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Feel like a fraud? What to do about those thoughts

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I can’t do this” or “I’m not expert enough at this” or “I don’t deserve to be doing this” and then proceeded to melt into a puddle of self-doubt …You’re not alone!  ‍Many music teachers question whether they are prepared to do the work they do. Here’s how to

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How to teach Grade 1 Music Lessons

Teaching grade 1 music lessons? This article gives an overview of a typical grade 1 music lesson plan. Then it shows you how it can be implemented. Creating a lesson plan to teach grade 1 music lessons Creating a music lesson plan is difficult enough! Getting a lesson to fit curriculum requirements

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Grade 3 Music Lessons

Are you teaching grade 3 music lessons? This article gives you an overview of some typical 3rd grade music lesson plans. It also shows you how you can implement them, no matter how much experience you have teaching music! What you need to teach Grade 3 Music Lessons You don't need massive

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Pineapple on Pizza?

Here at the Fun Music Company, we really value the interactions with our customers and clients. We’ve just put together a brand new ebook with a collection of nine of what we feel are “work every time” ideas for Music Education. These are tried and tested ideas which we’ve learned from the best in the

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The New Australian Curriculum (version 9) has been released. This is what it means for music teachers in Australia.

After a long delay which was extended due to COVID, The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) have released the final version of the new Australian Curriculum. This represents the first major change in the Australian curriculum for Arts:Music, since the original version was released in 2014. You may be confused to see

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What a curriculum asks us to do in creating a music listening curriculum is not actually that easy in practice!

Looking to create a music listening curriculum? That is something we do here, too! Here at the Fun Music Company we LOVE looking through curriculum documents, created by government departments and education authorities. I am only a little bit “tongue-in-cheek” as I write that! Seriously, we do actually enjoy it! Its a really interesting aspect

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