Introducing the Play Boomwhackers DVD Program!

Making it possible for children to learn music with boomwhackers. Anwhere, anytime!

A fun and educative video program! Introduce children to music using Boomwhackers! They just think they are having fun!

Boomwhacker Musical tubes have been around for many year. They are very popular in school music classrooms.

Most people think that you have to play one tube at a time. You create melody by combining notes with others played by your friends. Of course there is nothing wrong with this approach. However, our approach in this video is different.

In this boomwhacker video children get to play a whole SET of boomwhackers. They sit one the floor with a set in front of them. They change tubes throughout the songs, and play different melodies and rhythms.

They don’t need to read music. They follow the animations and play when the colourful characters bounce on the ‘Play Mat’.

Children don’t start with all eight boomwhackers at once. They go through a process of building up from using one, to two, then four, six and eight tubes.

Children will learn important musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm and harmony. All while they are having fun and playing in time with animated characters.

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DVD Video

Works on consumer DVD players and computers.Includes six play along songs

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